• Scytale is a new medium of communication for the B2B @Home workforce.

  • Yes, Scytale is fully GDPR- and CCPA-compliant.

  • Scytale app allows its members to receive the delivery of goods without sharing their home address with the sender. Scytale is a secure, privacy focused medium that ensures your personal information is protected from a data breach or misuse. Your data is deleted within 48 hours of your transaction.

    Example use cases of how Scytale is used are:
    * To send a corporate gift to a customer at home.
    * To send a delegate bag to an attendee at a virtual event.
    * To send training material to a participant of an online training course.

  • Scytale stores as little data as possible, including the recipient’s First name, Last name, Email, and Physical address, required for the transaction period only using secure and encrypted server communication. Scytale then deletes this information from servers once the transaction is complete. The transaction is the fulfilment and distribution of the material requested by the salesperson to the prospect. The recipient's information is never shared with or accessible by the sender.

  • A code and secure link is shared with the receiver. The receiver then completes a 3 step form on the supplied link, entering the code, their name and email address, and providing their physical address information.

  • Upon receipt of the required information Scytale will fulfill and dispatch the specified material to the receiver within a 48hr period. A notification is sent to the sender and receiver to confirm the delivery is in process. At this point the receiver’s details are deleted from the servers. A second notification is then sent to sender and receiver to confirm the item is delivered and data deleted.

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